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2015 - 2010

Giovanni Battista Moroni, Woman in a Red Dress, c1560

School of Paolo Veronese, Portrait of a Gentlewoman and her Daughter

Alessandro Allori (Click on image and then scroll down to find the text link to this image)

Bernardino Licinio, Portrait of an Architect, 1541

Att. to Allessandro Allori, Portrait of a Lady with a Dog, c1580-85 Attributed to Paris Bordone, Portrait of Paola Visconti. Tiziano Vecellio - 'La Bella', Restored


Leandro Bassano, Portrait of Jacopo Bassano, c1590

Francesco Beccaruzzi, Portrait of a Young Woman

Raphael, Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione, ca. 1515

Raphael, Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga, ca. 1504

Portrait of a Young Man with Parrot and Pomegranate, by Nicolo dell'Abate, ca 1540s

Portrait of a Woman, attr to Girolamo da Carpi, c1530

Francesco Salviati, Portrait of a Young Man, 1548

Francesco Salviati, Portrait of a Lady, c. 1555

Leandro da Ponte "Portrait of a Procurator of St. Mark"

Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of a Woman

Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of Lodovico Capponi, c1550 - 1555

Florentine, c1555 - 1565, formerly attributed to Bronzino and Allori



Leandro Bassano, Portrait of a Man. Art Gallery of Ontario. Scipione Pulzone, Portrait of a Lady. The Walters Art Museum



Portrait of Pierantonio Bandini  (1550 - 1555 ) by Agnolo Bronzino, National Gallery of Canada

Portrait of a Woman by Agnolo Bronzino, Accademia Nazionale di San Luca

Portrait of Ferdinando I de' Medici by Tommaso Manzuoli (1570)

Portrait of Bianca Cappello by Alessandro Allori (workshop of?)

Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of Bartolomeo Panciatichi

Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi

Portrait of a Gentleman, c1530, Lorenzo Lotto Portrait of a Woman as Lucretia, c1528-30, Lorenzo Lotto


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Portrait of a Young Boy by Francesco Salviati Portrait of a Girl by Agnolo Bronzino Francesco di Cristofano, called Franciabigio, Portrait of a Man, 1517 Altobello Melone (Cremona) Ritratto di dama (Portrait of a Woman) circa 1510s




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