The Second Annual

Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 15 to August 15,  2012

The Results

As always I was and continue to be in awe of the standard of work being carried out in the Italian Renaissance Costuming community. In my opinion this year's IRCC entries were even better than last years. In several cases returning IRCC participants outdid themselves in workmanship and sheer beauty of outfits. They are all winners in my eyes!

Without further ado...

The Overall Winner

Hastings Sanderson
Utah, USA

Hastings, with a total of 37 extra items, produced a prodigious quantity of beautiful costume pieces and costume-related accessories, and included such handwork as appliqué,  hand-made buttons, hand-made tassels, sculpting, drawing and painting, hand-worked lacing eyelets, embroidery,  jewellery making, and more, to receive this outstanding score. Well done and congratulations Hastings!

Layer Points:
Handwork Points:


Best Handwork

Christa Gordon
Colorado, USA

I am giving the 'Best Handwork' award to Christa for her lovely hand-made lace cuffs, thread-worked buttons, and extensive use of embroidery. Christa was also very close to winning this year as she produced 33 extra items for the challenge.

Layer Points:
Handwork Points:


Best Design

Hannah Fuhriman
Wyoming, USA

I was really impressed by Hannah's colour scheme, use of fur to line the lower sleeves, and the design of the sleeves and overall.
Layer Points:
Handwork Points:


Best Construction

Heather Morgan
Washington, USA

It was so difficult to choose just one winner in this category. In the end I decided that I really couldn't go past Heather's attention to detail in the cut and construction of her entire outfit, from the bonnet trimmed with hand-woven trim, to the meticulous use of twisted velvet trim on the doublet and slashing on the sleeves, to the hand-painted miniature portrait worn on a lace-trimmed ribbon.
Layer Points:
Handwork Points:


Best by a Novice - Sewing

Hallie Larsen
Arizona, USA

Best by a Novice - Italian Ren. Costume

Margaret Roe
Maryland, USA

About the evaluation process:

As per the IRC Challenge rules, finalists received 10 points for every layer completed (5 points if incomplete), plus 10 more if they completed every layer, for a maximum of 50 points for all four required layers. In addition 10 points were awarded for every item in excess of the 4 required. These are the layer points. Every entry was then assessed for handwork on all items and a further 10 points were allocated for each instance of handwork (other than sewing straight seams), therefore those entries with the most completed items featuring the most handwork score highest. The 'Best Handwork' award goes to the entrant (other than the Overall Winner) who has the highest score in handwork; 'Best Design' and 'Best Construction' speak for themselves, and can be given to the same entrant. 'Best Novice - Sewing' and 'Best Novice - Italian Renaissance Costume' are only awarded where warranted.