The Fourth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

June 1 to September 30,  2014

The Entrants

We began the challenge with a record number of 44 entrants. Of the 42 that successfully submitted the first update to continue in the challenge, 35 of them also jumped the second hurdle and successfully submitted updates for the July 31 deadline. Of those 35, 29 survived the August deadline. Of the 29 who survived the August deadline, 16 made it to the finish line and became our finalists. Well done all! Evaluation will commence soon. Watch this space! 

Here are the September/Final updates: 

 BettinaTia - Holly T - Tracy - Courtney - Ruth - Mandy - Hallie - Holly H - Heather - Alisha - Maridith - Carol - Mackenzie - Kathy - Susan

Heather Morgan
Washington, USA

Susan Malovrh
Wisconsin, USA

Holly Taylor
South Australia

Courtney Whalen
North Carolina, USA

Mandy L'Estrelle
Western Australia

Holly Hibbeler
Texas, USA

Tracy Bossinger
Wisconsin, USA

Mackenzie Morgan
Michigan, USA

Tia Dixon
Pennsylvania, USA

Alisha Wade
Hawaii, USA

Bettina Berns
Cologne, Germany

Kathy Whitaker
Georgia, USA

Carol Salloum
North Carolina, USA

Ruth Loes
Washington, USA

Maridith V. Feher
Arizona, USA

Hallie Larsen
Arizona, USA