The Fourth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

June 1 to September 30,  2014

The Results

Second Place
Plus Best Handwork

Maridith V. Feher
Arizona, USA

The Overall Winner

Carol Salloum
North Carolina, USA

Third Place
Plus Best Construction

Mandy L'Estrelle
Western Australia

Layer Points: 80
Handwork Points 90
Total: 170
Layer Points: 90
Handwork Points: 110
Total: 200
Layer Points: 90
Handwork Points: 70
Total: 160
Maridith's use of handwork in her hand made buttons and button loops, hand-made braided gold thread, extensive pearling on the partlet, pinking on her sleeves, and lovely insertion-stitch joining, helped to make this outfit an outstanding example of attention to detail. Well done Maridith! What I most admire about Carol's work is the absolute dedication to historically accurate detail. Her attention to design and construction techniques is uncompromising, and has resulted in a truly gorgeous outfit we can all admire. What I love  about her work is her generosity in sharing her construction techniques with us, and in crediting those whose work has helped and inspired her. Brava! Well done Carol!  Mandy's attention to construction detail on her over-gown in the form of the hand snipped bias trim, contrasting lining, pinked and pearled under-sleeves, as well as her pearled dress sleeves and baragoni, makes this a stand-out in the best historically accurate construction category. Well done Mandy!

Best by Novice to Italian Renaissance Costume

Courtney Whalen
North Carolina, USA
Layer Points: 90
Handwork + Best by Italian Ren. Novice 50
Total: 140

Courtney, as a novice to Italian Renaissance costume, really impressed me with her attention to historical detail in design and construction. This lovely outfit not only looks beautiful on her, it also looks like something out of a period portrait. Well done Courtney!

Best Historically Accurate Design

Heather Morgan
Washington, USA
Layer Points: 80
Handwork + Best Design: 30
Total: 120

The design aspects of this truly gorgeous outfit - from colours chosen, to hair style, to choice of dress and over-gown style, fabrics and trim placement - all contribute to Heather receiving the points for best historically accurate design. Well done Heather!

Well done and congratulations to ALL the entrants. Not only for your perseverance and skill, but most of all because you inspire us all!

About the evaluation process:

As per the IRCC rules, finalists received 10 points for every layer completed, plus 10 more if they completed every layer, for a maximum of 50 points for all four required layers. In addition 10 points were awarded for every item in excess of the 4 required, however this year the accessories were limited to four. These are the layer points. 

Every entry was then assessed for extensive/intensive/complicated handwork on all items and a further 10 points were allocated for each instance of handwork other than simple sewing/seams. Therefore those entries with the most completed items featuring the most handwork score highest. The 'Best Handwork' award goes to the entrant (other than the Overall Winner) who has the highest score in handwork; 'Best Design' and 'Best Construction' speak for themselves, and can be given to the same entrant. 'Best Novice - Sewing' and 'Best Novice - Italian Renaissance Costume' are only awarded where warranted.