The Seventh Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

March 1 to June 30,  2017



Minnesota, USA


In the SCA, I am Magnifico Niccolo Falconetto, OL, OD, an Italian noble from the 1570’s. My primary interests are historical fencing and 16th century Mediterranean naval warfare. I have done some costuming, and while I do not consider myself an expert, I would be above a novice level in the terms of this contest, and am using this competition to spur myself to better costuming. My planned pieces are:

1. An embroidered shirt based on the 1560-80’s Boy’s Shirt on pg.67 of Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 4.
2. Doublet and Venetian breeches from the illustrations in Giacomo Digrassi’s fencing manual, published in Venice in 1570.

3. A decorated cloak.
4. Accessories: Hose, A sword hanger, which will also be regalia for the Northshield Order of Defense, Gloves, Shoes.

First Update

I have sent my April progress report in early as I fly to Spain tomorrow and don't know how much internet access I will have for the next two weeks. The main progress this month is on the shirt. All of the major pieces are cut and the hems have been hand rolled (Hurray for Eithni's Magical Veil Stitch).

I have also separated out and done a ReTayne bath on ~ 70m of red silk embroidery floss. I hope to do a large amount of the embroidery on the flight to and from Europe. This is my first attempt at en embroidered and openwork shirt, so I modified the plant pattern from Janet Arnold to make it fit my skill level a little more.

The outer layer of the Venetian pants are also cut, but I am saving them and the doublet for the next phase of the project when I get back home. Thank you for sponsoring this and getting me working on a project that I had planned for ages.