The Seventh Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

March 1 to June 30,  2017



Georgia, USA


I have been costuming for 15 years, but 9 years ago I discovered my love of 16th century Italy and joined the Society for Creative Anachronism. There I am known as Mistress Alessandra Giovanna Fioravanti. For this challenge I plan to make the outfit in " Woman with a Lute" by Alessandro Allori, approximately 1570.

My proposed layers are as follows

Colletto (Partlet )
Sottana (Under-dress)
Giubbone (Doublet)
Veste (Over-gown)
Tasca (Pocket)

Weaving completed in advance of registration :

Linen tape
2 yards

Gold scroll trim
15 yards

Single picot trim
4 yards

Gold Petersham
10 yards

Embroidery, 1/4 complete

First Update

For the first part of this challenge I started with the partlet. The fabric I used is an extremely sheer linen. The portrait is hard to decipher as it's not a photograph, but I believe it is edged in silver bobbin lace with a decorative running stich in red.
(Woman with Lute, Alessandro Alori)

The strips of linen are cut along the width of the fabric and are sewn together using a whip stich. The hem is 1/16" and finished with a running stich at 18-20 stitches per inch using 80/2 linen thread.

This was my first time making lace and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! I have made 7 yards so far and I believe it will be enough for both the partlet and cuffs.

The silver bobbin lace is then attached with the same linen thread with whip stitch. 50wt red silk thread is used for the decorative running stitch.

I'm excited to start gathering it!