The Seventh Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

March 1 to June 30,  2017



California, USA


I have been sewing for the SCA for 25 years, prior to that I did not sew at all. I have worked on my skill sets, meeting people and taking any class I can on the 16th Century Fashions. I am primarily an Elizabethan, but I fell in love with the Italian CIty States when I did research for a friend and now I am hooked! I consider myself as a moderate sewer, and Italian City State clothing creator.

I will be making:

1. Camicia - Linen
2. Cotta - A lighter versioin of the Gamurra, Grey Silk Fleur De Lys pattern
3. Cioppa - Grey Velvet
4. Accessories: Gorgiera - Partlet, Cinture - Belt, Becche - Italian Garters, Pianelli- Shoes, Zibellino - Fur, A fan, Hose - Linen, and lastly Copricalla- High Hat in black velveteen.

I am using my accessories as a part of the challenge as they were needed in period to complete an outfit, I do not know how many I will get done but I wanted to place them firmly in the competition so I can work to make them special!

First Update

Well I don’t have a lot, as I have been hit with some physical issues and so I have been working on my sleeves as they are the most time intensive. Once they are finished the rest of the gown will be easy. I am also working on my camicia, which other people will know as the basic under clothing, and my Muff.
Below is my inspiration piece, I have long wanted to create this gown.

I have eleven yards of this fabric which I have been hoarding for over ten years waiting for the right time to create this gown! As you can see it is silver and white, I am partial to these colors so when I saw this fabric I had to have it and bring it onboard the plane from LA Garment District to my home in Northern California!

Sleeve Making

Here are the items and tools you need to create a mockup for your sleeves

  • Ruler
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge
  • Marker


Length of your arm + 3, 24 + 3= 27
Upper Arm + 2, 15 + 2= 17
Elbow + 2, 12 + 2= 14
Forearm +2, 10 + 2= 12
Thumb to Pinkie + 2, 9 + 2= 11


Example of this measurement:

With these measurements you can create your sleeve pattern.

1. Draw the length of your arm in the middle of your fabric.

2. From the mid mark, put in starting with your wrist measurement, so divide your measurements in half and then use your straight edge and mark the measurements.

3. At the top of your arm, minus 8” 4” for each side and the curve to the middle of your cap of the sleeve.
4. Connect the lines and Voila! You have a sleeve pattern for your arm!

Now that I have my sleeve pattern I am going to cut out the fabric and then cut it into panes, adding the gimp on the sides of each by hand sewing. I will then add the buttons to create my Eleanora sleeves.

These are my buttons I got from Etsy from a lovely lady who also created this gown.

This is my marking pen. The best part of this pen is that if I make a mistake, I can run a hot iron over it and it will dissapper! It is a Frexion Pen and I got it from Japan via Amazon.


I had an issue with my cat and my linen. I had it washed and ironed, but I guess my cat thought it was not clean enough so she made it unclean and it had to be washed and ironed again. Sigh. Being owned by a cat is sometimes not the best. I will be using my patterns from Margo Anderson.

I am making a whole new mock up via these patterns so I am starting from the camicia out, please check in next month to see my progress!