The Seventh Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

March 1 to June 30,  2017



Colorado, USA


I'm a Venetian persona out of the Outlands. At this point I qualify as an old hand at sewing this sort of thing. I draft my own patterns and am otherwise nuts (or so my mother tells me lol). But you guys always reassure me that I'm among my people.

I'm planning to make a set of petticoat stays, a ladder laced gown, a chemise, and a covered parasol. If I have extra time I'll do drawers & some jewelry bits.

First Update

I spent most of this first month mopping up previous sewing commitments. So what did I get accomplished? Cutting out my new petticoat stays after tweaking my pattern. I also got the stiffening cut out & layered with the padding. My usual bamboo quilt batting, plastic needlepoint canvas, batting wrapped construction ripties, needlepoint canvas, batting sandwich for both front pieces...

I got started on pad stitching on the back pieces. I'm doing less total batting with much closer spaced stitches on the back. Trying to incorporate a few tricks from the Modern Maker to see if I can get my favored smooth profile while having less bulk overall to increase my wearability.

Hopefully next month I can catch up on my goal to get two major layers complete by the second check in.