The Eighth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2018


Anna Fadelli
Sacile, Italy

My name is Anna Fadelli and I am from Sacile, a nice town in the north-east of Italy, just a few kilometers from the well-known Venice. I am a seamstress with more than ten years of experience and a wide passion for historical
clothing, but this is the firt time I make a Renaissanse gown.

My project consists in the reproduction of a dress that appears on a fresco painted in Palazzo Ragazzoni, the most important historical building of my town. For the underwear, my idea is to make a linen shirt with black cotton
embroidery and a mustard-yellow taffeta petticoat lined with cloth. For the outerwear, a characteristic Venetian-style dress and an organza neck ruff.

First Update

First of all, I made the petticoat. I doubled the taffetà with synthetic cloth and edged the open panel. I stitched two strips of brown taffetà of different heights on the hem of the skirt and closed the center back. I made cartridge pleats on the top and hand-sewn on the waistband.

At the moment, I've just started making the smock. For now, I've only cut the pieces and made the hem on all.

Second Update

Unfortunately, I have few updates for you for this month. I cut the gown and hand-stitched the pieces together. Now, I'm making the boning chanel.

I'm now embroidering the shirt with black thread. I decided to use an original blackwork pattern from V&A.



Third Update


This month I have not continued much the blackwork. I finish only a sleeve and now I'm making the second.

I'm working on the bodice of the dress. I made the boning channels, fixed the fabric and fixed the lining.

After making the side lacing, I did a first test. It's nice but I have to correct the neckline because it is too high.

Final Update

(Bella: please note that Anna has provided me with lots of in-process shots. Due to this being a busy time for me with study and assignments, I have saved time by not using all of them in this update, but will of course be using them for evaluation purposes.)


Here are the final photos of the entire outfit. I have attached the skirt, then I finished attaching the sleeves. The accessory is an organza neck ruff, all hand-sewn.