The Eighth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2018


Anna Fadelli
Sacile, Italy

My name is Anna Fadelli and I am from Sacile, a nice town in the north-east of Italy, just a few kilometers from the well-known Venice. I am a seamstress with more than ten years of experience and a wide passion for historical
clothing, but this is the firt time I make a Renaissanse gown.

My project consists in the reproduction of a dress that appears on a fresco painted in Palazzo Ragazzoni, the most important historical building of my town. For the underwear, my idea is to make a linen shirt with black cotton
embroidery and a mustard-yellow taffeta petticoat lined with cloth. For the outerwear, a characteristic Venetian-style dress and an organza neck ruff.

First Update

First of all, I made the petticoat. I doubled the taffetà with synthetic cloth and edged the open panel. I stitched two strips of brown taffetà of different heights on the hem of the skirt and closed the center back. I made cartridge pleats on the top and hand-sewn on the waistband.

At the moment, I've just started making the smock. For now, I've only cut the pieces and made the hem on all.

Second Update

Unfortunately, I have few updates for you for this month. I cut the gown and hand-stitched the pieces together. Now, I'm making the boning chanel.

I'm now embroidering the shirt with black thread. I decided to use an original blackwork pattern from V&A.