The Eighth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2018


Dianne Stucki
Michigan, USA

My name is Dianne Stucki, and I live in South Lyon, Michigan. I am not exactly a novice to Italian Renaissance costuming, but neither am I an expert.

My usual focus is 16th century English. My persona is at the bottom rung of the merchant class where my clothes are mostly quite plain and serviceable, but with a few slightly more expensive touches here and there, such as drawn threadwork on the apron and a scrap of beautiful fabric for a socaccia. In modern life, I am a stay at home mom with three kids still at home, along with two dogs and a parrot.

My ensemble will consist of the following items: camicia, drawers, underskirt, wool gown with tie-on sleeves, apron, pocket.

I will be taking my inspiration from Campi's portrayals of working class women.

First Update

I have cut all the pieces for the camicia, and have begun hand-stitching it. I've also cut all the pieces for the bodice, lining, and interlining, and have begun hand-quilting the interlining for more support. Once the pieces are quilted, I will trim away the seam allowance on the interlining, and attach the pieces to the bodice by hemming the outer shell's seam allowance down to the interlining. The pieces will then be whipstitched together.

Second Update

I finished quilting the interlining pieces, and they are hemmed down to the fashion fabric layer. I have started on the skirt. One of the long seams is stitched, and most of the seam allowance on one side has been stitched down. I have not yet made the final decision about whether or not to use the blue silk guards, but will consult with Matti when she comes over for a work day. This week I will be finishing the gown, and then moving on to the underskirt and camicia.

Third Update

I've been very busy this month, so I didn't get as much done as I'd like, but there is definite progress!

I assembled the bodice and skirt, and attached the skirt to the bodice. I still need to insert lining, and do hems and eyelets. Excuse my very pocked and nicked 20 year old linoleum kitchen floor, it's literally the only space big enough to lay out the entire dress!

I also cut the apron, snipped and drew threads for drawn threadwork, and did the pleating and smocking. I'm still sticking to my plan to stitch everything by hand.

This last month, I need to do drawers, pocket, camicia, and a caul.