The Eighth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2018


Maridith Smith
Colorado, USA

I started sewing over twenty years ago and fell in love with historical costume along the way. I am an the author of, and a card carrying member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. My love affair with Italian renaissance clothing started when I met my Laurel six years ago.

I have been in love with this portrait at the San Diego Museum of art for years and plan to reproduce it as closely as I can. I will need a new camicia, partlet, sottana with sleeves, jewelry, and petticoat. Should I have time I also intend to make a parasol and new shoes.

First Update

With so many projects going on in my life I decided to focus on getting my petticoat finished this month. I used a turquoise and white shot silk for the body of the skirt and stitched it on the machine using French seams.

A plain petticoat did not suit me well so I got inspired to add a band of gray silk with cutwork and some silver trim. The metallic trim is acting a bit like horse hair & helping it stand out.

Second Update

The month of May was busy on a personal level for me. I have finished a a lace partlet this month that will be secured using a ribbon woven through the lace around my rib cage. I'm not convinced this is correct for the painting yet, but it looks gorgeous.

I have started on my green sottana as well. I'm experimenting with using pad stitching the bodice interlining with linen canvas and wool felt for stability. This should be finished this week. I did not expect how much the pad stitching would shrink the interlining. I plan to baste this down to another layer of fabric to accommodate the shrinkage.