The Eighth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2018


Rhonda Wright
Colorado, USA

Hi, My name is Rhonda Wright and I am from Colorado, USA. I am familiar with sewing as I have made clothes for my grandchildren but, am a novice to the Renaissance period of clothing. I have always enjoyed sewing and currently I do some alterations for friends and family.

I want to construct a child's period costume for my 13 year old granddaughter for nobility. I have a slight handicap with mobility issues so fitting for myself is a challenge. The dress that I want to construct is an early 1500s Italian style. It will consist of a camicia and drawers, an under dress and a gown. I also want to make a necklace, pocket and partlet.

I have purchased a fine white linen for the camicia and drawers. I have also purchased a beautiful green silk damask for the under dress and am looking for a green cotton velvet for the gown.

First Update

I have completed the camicia and drawers. I decided to do some embroidery on the items. The camicia that inspired me was in a painting called Guiditta by Vincenzo Catena. I added a simple flower replica embroidery to the sleeves and neckline just above the pleats as I plan to have this showing as an accent for the dress. The camicia was pleated and embroidery was sewn on just 5/8 inch below the pleats.

The drawers were also embroidered at the lower hem. This was an afterthought at the request of my granddaughter.

I look forward to working on the underskirt and dress next!

Second Update

This month I didnt accomplish all that I wanted to but next month I will be on holiday and can accomplish much more. She has a petticoat and an underbodice. Here are pictures of the progress.

I am also glad that my material has arrived from England. The silk damask is for the dress and the green velvet for the overdress and accents. Absolutely beautiful.

I have also completed the necklace for the dress and plan to use the cross as part of the girdle. [Bella: unfortunately the necklace can't be counted towards the layer requirements as there were no photos provided of the making of it.]