The Ninth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2019


Ellen Legros
Louisiana, USA

I am an English teacher by day and a costumer by night. I have previously created a number of costumes for the SCA, but only recently focused on the Italian Renaissance, as I felt my sewing skills were not sufficient to do the beautiful fabrics justice. My previous ventures include an early Renaissance dress and last year's entry- a 1560's style dress. This will be my third venture into Renaissance costuming and my second year to enter the IRCC. I recently purchased The Modern Maker, and am excited to try out the technique.

Layer 1 Underwear: My plan is to create a farthingale using Alcega's technique (The Modern Maker) and barras tape, using some taffeta and clear plastic tubing (as a stiffener) from my stash.
Layer 2 Dress: A sottana using Margo Anderson's Pattern from blue cotton sateen.
Layer 3 Over Gown: Either a back laced Gown or Loose Overcoat (The Modern Maker) out of chenille damask.
Layer 4 Accessories: A belt scavenged from a gold chain belt (thrift store find) and a zibellino from a re-purposed 1960's fur stole.

(Updates listed in reverse order)