The Ninth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2019


The Entrants

March 31st: Registration has closed. We have a total of 28 entrants for IRCC 9. Entrants are listed in order of registration.

May 2: The first deadline has passed and 22 entrants remain. April progress updates are ongoing. Each update webbed is denoted with a

May 10th: April progress updates are now all viewable. Next deadline is June 1.

June 2: Deadline for May progress updates. Post deadline result: 20 of 22 entrants have submitted their updates on time. Updates will be webbed in order of receiving them.

June 14: One entrant disqualified. 19 entrants remain.

June 27: All remaining entrants' pages have now been updated with their May progress reports.

July 1: June progress reports submitted. Three entrants have withdrawn, 16 remain. Correction: 1 entrant didn't submit or contact me: 15 entrants remain. Updates to entrants' pages are ongoing.

Mandy L'Estrelle
Christchurch, N. Zealand


Helena Frei
Ontario, Canada

Red Audiss
Montana, USA

Linda Thompson
Western Australia

Hannah Fuhriman
Colorado, USA

Amber Gordon
Florida, USA

Kathleen Zanardo
Sydney, Australia

Krystyan Follansbee
New Hampshire, USA

Hannah Sanderson
Washington, USA

Tatiana Kaish
Moscow, Russia

Kairi Clark
California, USA

Eva Bolinder
Västerbotten, Sweden

Crystal Tice
Iowa, USA

Hastings Sanderson
Utah, USA

Penelope Millar
Virginia, USA


Tia Knight
Oregon, USA

Dianne Stucki
Michigan, USA

Elizabeth Becker
New Hampshire, USA

Liz Thumann
Pennsylvania, USA


Hallie Larsen
Arizona, USA

Kathy Whitaker
Georgia, USA

Josie Welch
Christchurch, N. Zealand

Ellen Legros
Louisiana, USA

Jo Foster
Wyoming, USA

Meg Vaughan
Georgia, USA

Ben Pung
Georgia, USA

April Maybee
Indiana, USA

Sharon Gray
Georgia, USA