The Ninth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2019


Mandy L'Estrelle
Christchurch, New Zealand

My name's Mandy L’Estrelle. I’m now living in Christchurch , New Zealand but was previously from Perth, Western Australia. I’m a confirmed IRCC addict. It’s been eight years now and I haven’t been able to give up the habit yet so here goes for a ninth year! I love sewing Italian garb and each year I try to extend my knowledge and skills and also to encourage others to do the same.

My outfit this year is leaning towards an outfit based on 1570s style portraits by Lavinia Fontana. As per previous years I will be trying to use only fabric and trims etc. that I have already accumulated in my stash, this year even more so due to tight budget restrictions.

My four layers will include: a camicia, sottana, giubonne and veste, with coral necklace and earrings, also a veil.


(Updates listed in reverse order)


First Update: April Progress

Items completed this month:


It has been a rough month for me. We have to suddenly move house again and it has taken a real toll on me mentally and physically. I have however managed to make a simple chemise with tightly pleated cuffs, thanks to my smocking pleater, and a couple of simple handkerchiefs.

The chemise design is based on an extant one in the Museo del Prado, however I simplified the design by flaring the cutting of the fabric rather than adding gores as the fabric was wide enough to give enough fullness without the extra seaming.

The handkerchiefs occurred as I ended up with two square off cuts so I hemmed them and added lace edging so as not to waste the fabric.