The Ninth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2019


Red Audiss
Montana, USA

I am a novice to Italian Renaissance costuming. I have make one gown that is reminiscent of the style, but it was a complete accident when I made it. I was copying another woman’s garment I had seen at an event. I am not a novice in sewing but would consider myself fair to midlin in skill. I feel as though I have been sewing my whole life, but still have so much to learn. This will be my first competition of this nature, I am excited to see what I can accomplish both in a competition as well as a whole new discipline.

I would like to make an outfit similar to this image (see right). My plan is to make the smock first, and kirtle, and gown. At this point I have the goal, but a little uncertain as to what all the layers ARE in Italian gowns. So the plan is to start with the camicia, working on the embroidery. I will begin the embroidery tomorrow. The rest of the gown layers is a little fuzzy for me, so I do have some crash course learning to do this week to prepare the actual layers. I do think I will probably do a pocket for my accessory.


(Updates listed in reverse order)


First Update: April Progress


Item completed this month:

A Set of Pockets

I have completed my pockets. They are each done on a linen ground in silk/alpacka or silk/wool blend fibers. The interlining of the pocket is a cotton scrap and the outside backing and the band which will hold the waist tape is a recycled heirloom linen.



Item started this month but not yet completed:


I have also measured and made a mock up of my camicia, out of sheet fabric. I then cut out the linen pieces. I have assembled the pieces, but have not begun the embroidered band for the neck or the cuffs.

I have not yet started on the undergown or the overgown. I should be in a place in the next week or two to get the rest of the camicia embroidery done and assembled. Then I will begin on the undergown. I feel quite confident I will be able to complete the tasks in my allotted time.