The Ninth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 to July 31, 2019


Tatiana Kaish
Moscow, Russia

My name is Tatiana Kaish. I am from Moscow, Russia, and I'm a professional tailor. However, I became interested in historical reconstruction relatively recently. This will be my third attempt at tailoring a dress in the style of the Italian Renaissance.

I plan to make a set of clothes from the 1530s inspired by "Portrait of Lady" by Peter de Kempeneer (previously aatributed to Girolamo da Carpi, see right).

The outfit will consist of:
Layer 1: Camicia, underskirt and partlet
Layer 2: Sottana with puffed sleeves
Layer 3: Cape or mantle for cold weather
Layer 4: Headdress, fan, leather gloves and shoes

(Updates listed in reverse order)


Third Update: June Progress


Item finished this month:


As an addition to the bottom layer, I decided to sew a pocket. It was put together with machine embroidery on wild silk and decorated with braid. It will fasten to the belt with buttons.








Item started this month:


I started sewing the dress. Work moves slowly, so that only the bodice is finished. I sewed it from two layers of linen fabric and covered with silk fabric. Decorated with hand-woven cord.













Second Update: May Progress

This month I had a lot of problems and I didn't have much time.

Item finished this month:


I've got my petticoat ready. I cut out four panels of linen with a width of 60 cm and a length of 100 cm. Sewn by hand seam over the edge. Then I trimmed the lower edge with a dense braid and sewed the waistband.






First Update: April Progress


Item completed this month:

A Camicia

My camicia is finished. I sewed it from linen and lace scraps, focusing on this unusual camicia.

I cut out the front panels 50 cm wide, side - 30 cm, sleeves - 60 cm, gussets - 20 cm and decorated all with lace. The neckline and cuffs I threaded with a gold thread.

I also started to crochet a cord for trimming the dress.