The Tenth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge

April 1 2020 to January 31 2021


Jessie Gagnon
Maryland, USA

Hello all! My name is Jessie, but all can call me Aurri (from Aurri la Borgne, my name in the Society for Creative Anachromism).While I have been a seamstress for some time, creating costumes for pop culture conventions and my own clothing, this is my first time ever creating anything for Italian Renaissance! While I am doing this contest to have the satisfaction of an amazing garment, I am also doing it to help re-teach myself the techniques of research, bibliographies, and for my SCA persona (which I just joined). I can't wait to see what everyone decides to create and to see the final photos!


For this competition I am referencing Portrait of a Lady, oil on panel, painted by Francesco de’ Rossi during his life from 1510-1563. In this painting, it appears that the lady is wearing nine visible items: a camicia, a partlet, a doublet, an underdress with an embroidered center on the skirt, an outer doublet with a front opening skirt and short decorative sleeves, a snood/hair net, dress embellishments (chains), rings on both hands, and a necklace.
To meet the criteria for the contest, I will be adding a stay, a zibellino, earrings to match the necklace, two embellished veils, and a winter over cloak, bringing the total to 14 completed items. While the items I construct will be similar in form and shape, the colors will be slightly different.

The primary fabric I will be using is silk with linen as my lining/camicia and organza for my partlet and veils. I already own the gold and burgundy silks. Because of my current situation with a work injury, I will be purchasing my other fabrics and jewelry pieces as I need/construct them.