'Over and Above' Mini-Challenge Results


Hannah Fuhriman: A Late 16th Century Zimarra (Loose Gown)

It was an extremely close result (the closest one so far), but the winner*, with a mark of 37 out of 50 points, is Hannah Fuhriman from Wyoming, USA. Congratulations! Hannah made a beautiful late sixteenth century loose gown, or zimarra, scoring highly in aesthetics and handwork. 

An honourable mention goes to Holly Taylor from Adelaide, South Australia, who was just one point behind Hannah, also in a lovely loose gown. Holly received 36 points out of 50, scoring highly for her write up/documentation and construction techniques.

Congratulations and my thanks also to the other entrants who created lovely outer/outdoor wear and outdoor accessories (parasols!)  to inspire us all.

(*In determining the winner, I gave a mark out of ten in each of the following five areas: period materials; construction techniques; handwork; aesthetics; the write-up, for a total mark out of fifty).

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Hallie Larsen
A Great Coat

Holly Taylor
A Sixteenth Century Italian Over-Gown

Margaret Roe
An Italian Ombrella of the Late Sixteenth Century

Melissa Jones
A Parasol for Regalia

Susan Malovrh
A Giornea



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