Welcome. The inaugural Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge ran from April to August this year in celebration of The Realm of Venus' tenth year online. It was the first Challenge I had ever run, and a lot of fun for not only the participants, but for me too. It was very popular, so much so that it inspired the Artemisian Costuming Challenge. But a four month-long sewing challenge such as that can only occur once a year. Thus was born the Italian Renaissance Costuming Mini-Challenge: a one-month long challenge, the theme of which is voted on by those who participate on my Facebook Page. The first Mini-Challenge was the 'Idle Hands' challenge which ran in October 2011. 

This Mini-Challenge's theme is 'Over and Above'. The aim is to create one or more items of outer-wear, such as cloaks, capes, mantles, robes, loose and fitted over-gowns, etc. Large (i.e. body-encompassing) veils, and parasols, will also be allowed. 

The item must be started from scratch no earlier than February 1, 2012. You have from now until 31 January to register as a participant. For information on how to register please see the Participants page.

Banner image: Portrait of Bianca degli Utili Maselli and six of her children (Rome), c1604 by Lavinia Fontana, Sothebys.




2001 - 2011 Anabella Wake (Known in the SCA as Bella Lucia da Verona) I hold copyright on all information on these pages, and on all images of clothing/costume that I have made. You are allowed to make one facsimile copy for your own use provided that this notice is included on each page. Please ask permission to copy, disseminate and/or distribute my work - I would like to know when and how you are finding this information of use.