Hallie Larsen: A Great Coat

Here is my finished outerwear. It is a great coat great cape great surcoat—honestly I never could find a real name that fit. The inspiration came from early 16th century Italian portraits, including:

Bartolomeo Veneto, c1512: Portrait of a Gentleman
Tiziano Vecellio, c1511-12: Portrait of a Man in a Red Hat
Moretto da Brescia, 1516-18: Count Sciarra Martinengo Cesaresco

You will note that some have sleeves while others don’t. We decided due to the heat in our area to go sleeveless. Of course, it will probably look better over a fitting outfit rather than his work shirt!

It is a cotton brocade and faux lynx, all hand sewn with cotton thread. While cotton was not used in northern Europe much, it was used in the Mediterranean area. The faux was a financial choice, but I was pretty pleased with this fur in look and feel. The fur is facing rather than lining (again the heat issue), but both were used in the past. The back is gathered under the collar in box pleats. I wish I had had time to iron it as I believe it will fall better, particularly in the back, but I wanted to get this to you today and the pictures were taken in the middle of last night when Martin got home from work.



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