Anna-Margot Collins
Queensland, Australia

For this entry I have made a cap based on the painting by Vittore Carpaccio, Portrait of a Lady with a Book. 

Looking at the painting I assessed that the pearls were attached to a fabric cap, so I dug through my stash and found a piece of woven material with a suitable geometric pattern so that when adding the pearls it looks good.

I set the piece of fabric up in my embroidery frame and started in the centre of the design. I hand sewed each set of 4 pearls in a circle starting in the centre and working out I used 5 mm pearls first, as I got closer to the edge I switched to 4 mm pearls, to add a little interest to the overall design and lighten the weight as it was starting to get a bit heavy.

I then machine sewed the edge with a zig zag stich to stop the fabric from unravelling then straight stitched the band made of cotton velveteen on with the lining, which I made of silk satin so it would slip neatly on the hair and hopefully help prevent some of the hat hair which is a side effect of wearing caps.


Then it was back to hand sewing to hem the band on the inside of the cap covering all machine work. Finally to finish it off I added a row of gold beads to give a bit of bling and highlight the band.




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