Elizabeth Elliot
Western Australia

I was inspired by the portrait below -  Portrait of a Woman (Matteo Sofferoni's daughter perhaps) c 1530-1532 Bronzino. I have learned a lot from this effort and hope next time it is more like the one depicted. I did not work to any specific pattern however will do next time as I believe it would have saved hours of head scratching. Materials used were an oblong plastic ice cream container, contact adhesive, needle, Gutermann thread, scissors, an awl, black silk cord and a piece of upholstery fabric about a metre wide x 40cm at its widest part.

The top ring and the bottom of the ice cream container were removed. I cut down the centre of one of the long sides which made the form, except for two pieces cut out so that it fit just over my ears. I would probably not use this medium again as it did not flatten out which made gluing very difficult. I made the roll and filled that with some scrap lightweight interfacing. The last piece was a square with the top corners rounded - this was sewn onto the back to help keep shape. 

Once it was on my head, it was evident that it would have to have ties to bring it into shape around, otherwise it kept reverting to its oblong shape at the top. I punched holes in the two corners on each side and threaded black silk cord through the two holes, long running stitch through the back piece of fabric and through the two holes on the other side.

I have very long hair, so I tied it initially under, then around my ponytail and it sat perfectly. 



All things considered, I am very happy with the result. It is the first piece of headwear I have actually made, and I started two other pieces during the challenge, again inspired by portraits, but this one seemed the easiest to get finished in time. 




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