Malinda Godwin
Arkansas, USA

For my challenge project I chose to attempt a reta in the style of Eleonora di Toledo. During the IRCC II challenge, I started attempting to design a reta more in the style of Eleonora di Toledo as seen in many portraits such as the one of Eleonora with her son Giovanni by Bronzino 1545. During the IRCC III challenge I continued this quest by using the cameo image by Giovanni Antonio de’ Rossi, (1559-1562) which features profile views of Cosimo I, Eleonora, and some of their offspring in which she is rendered wearing her typical hairstyle and it is noted that she wore this style unchanged over the years. This cameo is pictured in Figure 66 of Moda a Firenze (1540-1580) Lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo en la sua influenza. By enlarging the image and reversing it and placing it on a Styrofoam head covered by a papier-mâché mold of my own head I then by trial and error created a possible pattern to reproduce the design I observed. For the IRCC III, I tried making the net as a flat shape, it worked somewhat.


For this mini challenge, I tried making the net on the head as a 3D shape and attaching it to a pre-woven braid, since having observed that the cameo image seems to depict almost a distinct headband or garland to which the net was attached as the leading edge does not match the rest of the net. This fits better than my previous attempts but I still believe there is room for improvement. Materials used: imitation gold including pre-woven braid, cord, and thread.



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