Maridith Feher
Arizona, USA

As with all of these challenges I walk in with large dreams of projects to be done, and then scale them down as time allows. My first piece is a pair of earrings made of gold filled items from the jewelry store. My second piece is a pearl necklace, and piece number three - a lace-edged veil - took the most time out of all.

I was inspired by the dangling earrings seen in Venice between 1550 and 1570. The original "pendent" pieces of the earrings had some very non period elements which I snapped off and filed down. The dangling pieces are etched gold spacer beads on eye pins. I chose French ear wires to more closely duplicate the look of the period ear wires. 

Venetian women loved their pearls. Many Venetian brides are painted with a short string of large pearls wrapped around their necks. This necklace is strung on beading silk cord and knotted on each pearl. I used 8-9 mm freshwater pearls and expect the period string will eventually stretch out or break. The knots between each pearl with prevent me from loosing too many. The hook closure I made by hand using gold filled wire and was inspired by hook and eye closures on clothing from the period.

This veil is a rectangle of silk chiffon 138 cm by 146 cm. I used a rolled hem on the veil as seen in Textiles and Clothing 1150-1450. I used a fine steel sewing needle and silk thread to finish the edge. The lace is a machine made bobbin lace similar to those available at the time, but slightly wider than the normal lace used on veils. I applied the lace to the hem by floating the thread through the existing hem and stitching down the lace every centimeter. Veils are an essential piece of outerwear for a well born Venetian woman. Vecellio discusses the different ways veils are worn at length in his work Habiti Antichi Et Moderni.





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