Hallie Larsen
Arizona USA

A Fur Fan 

So I moved on to the next interest, a fur fan. Patricia Fortini Brown's Private Lives in Renaissance Venice mentions a 1522 law forbidding "fans of lynx and ermine with handles of gold and silver encrusted with jewels and pearls". As I did not use pelts of either of those animals, I figured rabbit might be legal.

Also, I loved the fan that appears to be made of fur in the portrait by Giovanni Batista Moroni, 1552-53, of Isotta Brembati. I even considered getting pink fur. But I am flat broke right now, so the stash must be the source of all good.
Using cardboard, I created a stiff form for the body of the fan, which I also used to help make the paper pattern.

The fur is rabbit, one piece dyed pink, the other a natural white. They are old and the hide is a bit fragile. 

Using the pattern, I marked the shapes for both sides of the fan on the back of the pelts (i.e. two of each shape). Cutting the pelts from the back with a knife, I sewed the strips of pelt together with a whip stitch using cotton thread creating a half-moon shaped pocket.


Sliding the pocket over the cardboard form, I finished sewing the pelt pieces together. Addie is showing off the pocket with the form inside!

I decided to leave the wooden handle ungilded as the vanished wood looks nice and the gold would have worn quickly. I may change my mind later and go for the bling! The fur needs to be fluffed and preened a while to settle, but I am pretty pleased with my fab fur fan.


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