'Idle Hands' Mini-Challenge Participants


Rebecca Marie Egan
Colorado, USA

Carrie Morgan
Missouri, USA

Hastings Sanderson
Utah, USA

Beverly Drovich
Pennsylvania, USA

Anthony Satoh
Illinois, USA

Susan Malovrh
Wisconsin, USA

Angela Bacci
Oregon, USA

Melissa Jones
Arizona, USA

Amy Lee Karow-Thara
California, USA

Anéa Arnesen
Oslo, Norway

Ashan Ekins
New South Wales, Australia

Kathy Wallace
Colorado, USA

Trish Pratt
Michigan, USA

Lisa Phillips
Michigan, USA

Gerhild Duenker
Bavaria, Germany

Caryn DeCrisanti
Connecticut, USA

Simone Hindin
Christchurch, New Zealand

Hallie Larsen
Arizona, USA

Jamie Parker
Oregon, USA

Jennie Fauss
Utah, USA

Simone Bryan
California, USA

April Maybee
Indiana, USA

Victoria Black
Queensland, Australia

Anna-Margot Millton
Queensland, Australia

Carol Salloum
North Carolina, USA

Franchesca Havas
Washington, USA

John Stewart
New South Wales, Australia

How to Enter

1. Registration

All you need to do to enter is to register as a participant: send me an e-mail (link below) with your name (legal, not SCA name please), location and a photo to put on the participants page, by no later than 30 September.

2. Challenge Guidelines

1. The item/s you enter must be started - from scratch - no earlier than October 1st (in your time zone).
2. Your item/s need to be completed by 31st October (in your time zone).
3. I will accept photos of your item/s in process IF you wish to take photos and send them to me. I will upload this to the challenge web page. However, process photos - that is photos of the unfinished item/s are NOT required.
4. A photo of each item completed (or several if required) MUST be sent no later than November 2, so please ensure you have your camera, batteries, cables etc. ready to use when you need them.
5.  A short write-up documenting your item/s period-accuracy and all hand-work done needs to accompany the photo/s. Please make sure that the e-mail address you use to email me is one that you use and check regularly so that I can contact you if needed.

If I've forgotten to address anything, or if you have any questions please ask before the challenge begins. 

3. Prize

Only one winning item will be chosen, based on the following factors: period-accuracy (most important) hand-work (second in importance), and beauty (very subjective of course). The prize will be a Gift Certificate from the online retailer of the winner's choice, to the value of $US20, or $AUS20, or £15, or €15, to be provided by yours truly. 

Good luck, and have fun! :)



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