'Idle Hands' Mini-Challenge: Results!

The winner*, with a mark of 44 out of 50 points, is Lisa Phillips from Michigan, USA. Congratulations Lisa! Lisa made a hand-bound book using period construction techniques, scoring highly in construction techniques and handwork, as well as period materials. Her write-up added to her score, and even though her unfinished cover dropped her score in aesthetics, it was a high enough combination to gain her first place and the prize. 

An honourable mention goes to Gerhild Duenker from Bavaria, Germany, whose zibellino earned her a mark of 41 out of 50. I just adored this entry! Congratulations also to all the other entrants - you all did a beautiful job of creating Italian Renaissance hand accessories for us to drool over.

(*In determining the winner, I gave a mark out of ten in each of the following five areas: period materials; construction techniques; handwork; aesthetics; the write-up, for a total mark out of fifty).

Of the 27 entrants there were 15 finalists, who between them created 21 beautiful items for this mini challenge: 5 feather fans, 4 flag fans, 3 rings, 2 bracelets, books and muffs, and 1 handkerchief, zibellino, and pair of gloves. Clicking on the images below will take you to the finalists' write-ups. The standard of work was very high as you will see, making my job a difficult one. But it was also lots of fun.

A Florentine Muff - Anéa Arnesen

A Venetian Flag Fan - Angela Bacci

A Ring - Anna-Margot Millton

A Feather Fan - April Maybee

A Filet Lace Flag Fan - April Maybee

A Feather Fan - Caryn DeCrisanti

A Pair of Velvet Gloves - Franchesca Havas

Two Rings - Gerhild Duenker

Two Bracelets - Gerhild Duenker

A Feather Fan - Gerhild Duenker

 A Zibellino - Gerhild Duenker

A Flag Fan -Hallie Larsen

A Flag Fan - Jennie Fauss

A Book and Muff - Lisa Phillips

A Feather Fan - Simone Hindin

A Feather Fan - Susan Malovrh

A Handkerchief - Trish Pratt

A Girdle Book on Chain - Victoria Black




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