Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many Mini-Challenges to come. The inaugural Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge ran from April to August this year in celebration of The Realm of Venus' tenth year online. It was the first Challenge I had ever run, and a lot of fun for not only the participants, but for me too. It was very popular, and many people who missed out on entering requested it run again. But a four month-long sewing challenge such as that can only occur once a year. And so was born the idea of a Mini-Challenge: a one-month long challenge, the theme of which those who participate on my Facebook Page vote on.

This first Mini-Challenge will be the 'Idle Hands' challenge, and will run between 1 and 31 of October. The aim is to create one or more items that fit the criteria: 

  • an item in an Italian Renaissance style that was usually carried or worn on the hand: i.e. hanky, fan, gloves, muff, bracelet and ring. Zibellini (the so-called 'flea furs') were often dangled at the end of a girdle, but since they were carried in the hand or draped over a wrist I will also allow them to be entered. I have also had a query about the parasol, which is of course carried in the hand, so that can also be entered. Books are another thing often pictured being carried in the portraits of the era, so they too will be allowed.

The item must be started from scratch no earlier than October 1. You have from now until 30 September to register as a participant (information on the Participants page).




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