A Venetian Flag Fan - Angela Bacci


I have made a Venetian flag fan, and my inspiration was found in these two particular paintings, one by Titian, and one by Fontana. Although the fan details in the images are not so clear, the patterns seemed to be like mini-Persian carpets, so I wanted to keep with that Middle Eastern/Ottoman style for my embroidery design.

The embroideries were done by machine on a heavy white satin peau, one for each side. These embroideries required re-digitizing, 800+ yards of metallic gold thread, 119,796 stitches, and 338 minutes in the machine. They were then hand assembled onto a white painted dowel using buckram, staples, glue and a lot of patience.

It is edged with golden metal filigree, which matches the filigree covering the entire handle. Each filigree was painstakingly cut, shaped and glued in place.
It is topped with a large tear drop pearl, and the bottom of the handle is finished with a small pearl cabochon. I originally planned to add some pearl detail to the embroidery, but I liked it plain so much I just left it as is.

I have never made a flag fan before, and Iím very pleased with the method I came up with. Itís light, stiff and solid; it makes a nice breeze and face shade. It has created one problem for me, though: Now I need a prettier Venetian gown to match!



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