A Pair of Bracelets - Gerhild Duenker

Bracelet One:

This item is the bracelet Susanna wears on her right hand. As it is not really clear to see, I had to change my design several times. At first I chose gold plated filigree ornaments, black faceted glass beads, sea pearl copies, a rather small ancient clasp with a cameo on it and two pieces of a very special chain which we call "palm tree chain" in German.

Then I decided to change the decoration of the filigrees. Not four white beads on every one, but eight tiny little ones on every second filigree.

The next problem were the little holes in the palm tree chain. They were too small for my brass wire sewing work. So I chose another kind of chain: a so called pea chain. You know that: Frodo Baggins in Lord Of The Rings wears his One Ring on a pea chain. This is a very old design. 

At last I had to change the clasp because it was too small and the bracelet was too short. In German this kind of clasp is called chest clasp and it is seen in almost every ancient jewellery.

But then - thanks to God! - it was finished. On the tab of the clasp you can see my signature.

Bracelet Two:

This item is the bracelet Susanna wears on her left hand.

As it is only seen partly, I decided to do a design of my own mind. As a ground I chose a gold plated Milanese wire weave, some genuine fresh water pearls, some Swarovski glass beads, gold plated filigree ornaments and leaves, an old cameo of glass and an ancient clasp.


Then I put all the parts upon the Milanese weave to see where to sew each one. The next step was to sew on the Cameo.

Then I fixed the fresh water pearls in the filigree ornaments and the Swarovskis on the leaf ornaments and sewed it all one by one on the Milanese weave.

At last the clasp had to be affixed. I added my signature and finished it was! It was easier to create than the black one but I think it is just as lovely, isn't it?



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