A Girdle Book on Chain - Victoria Black

I started off making a small blank book out of strips of long, thick recycled paper that I picked up at a reverse garbage collective, but seeing as Iím lazy, I didnít want to cut and bind the pages individually so I just glued and concertinaíd them together so it gives the effect that its larger than it actually is

Then I realised that Iím never going to need to write anything down while Iím in garb unless its a new friends phone number, and then I would probably lose it, and wouldnít it be handy if I could just disguise my phone as a book? So I picked up an old book at a second hand store, and cut a hole out of it in the middle for my phone to rest in and then PVA glued all the pages/edges around it to make a hard little nook for my phone - at least this way I can look like I'm reading a book at events rather than checking emails! 

The slip cover shape is based more on the Tudor books on chains than the medieval religious text shapes (the covers with the long tails that tie on) see pic attached. The entire slip cover is hand sewn, measuring 21 x14 cm, and I did all of the embroidery work myself which Iím ridiculously proud of seeing as its only my second embroidery project ever.

The middle section is split stitch, but then I stabbed myself in the finger by accident so I did the outside bits in Spanish/Holbein stitch because I've only learned three stitches so far and Iím pretty sure I would be able to do Holbein stitch with all fingers broken and my eyes closed now. Both back and front are identical patterns.

And then the chain is made from left over beads and fixings from a girdle made for a Tudor dress. Not ideal colours but at least it will match until I get around to making another chain and its fed through some (hand-sewn!) eyelets across the back cover.



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