Eveliina Korteoja

An Assisi-Embroidered Apron

IGreetings from Finland, or in SCA terms, from the Canton of Unikankare in the Barony of Aarnimetsš of the Kingdom of Drachenwald (Isnít that prescription long enough?). My Perfectly Period Pink project started with the fact that I had plenty of lovely naturally dyed pink silk thread in my sewing basket. The thread was dyed with cochineal in our local event last autumn. I didnít participate in the dyeing, because I was working in the kitchen as usual, but a friend of mine sold me some her threads. I had dreamed a long time to try some Italian renaissance embroidery techniques, because I love the German counted embroidery. I decided to try some Assisi-embroidery for the very first time. 

I found some linen fabric in super cheap price at my local fabric outlet store. The fabric is brown panama fabric that is just perfect for counted embroidery, because you can easily see the threads. I decided to do embroidered apron, because aprons are always practical when working in the kitchen. Iím going to cook Italian renaissance feast within a month, so it would be nice to wear apron suitable to the time period in question. Then you have to be of course careful of not to spill anything on your new apron. It might be that Iím just wearing my regular apron while working and then changing to this finer apron when Iím stepping outside the kitchen to serve the food. 

After purchasing the fabric I started planning the embroidery. There are some period examples of lovely Assisi embroidered aprons here, and here. I havenít found any aprons with pink embroidery though. But there are some period examples of red assisi embroidery. The period examples have embroidery along all the edges of the apron, but I only embroidered the underline of the apron, because of the limited time and because I want to be able to work wearing the apron without being super careful all the time. The embroidery for the apron took me about 2 weeks. If I had to do the embroidery again, I would do the stitches a bit smaller. The model was copied from this site.

After the embroidery I sew some pleats to the apron with yellow silk. I had also planned starching my new apron, but I didnít simply get it done and I was worried how the starching does work with naturally dyed fibers.

Because I had plenty of time I also started a second project with the same threads and background fabric. That is going to be embroidered flag fan. The other side of the fan is halfway done, but the other parts remain still unfinished, because planning of the renaissance feast took a lot my time in past weeks. The model for the embroidery of the fan is from same site than that of the apron.

Banner image taken from: Domenico Ghirlandaio, Birth of St John the Baptist, 1486-90, Cappella Tornabuoni, Santa Maria Novella, Florence.


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