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The Clothing of the Renaissance World:
Cesare Vecellio's Costume Book

By special arrangement with the authors and publisher: images with the accompanying text translations from Cesare Vecellio's, Degli Habiti antichi et moderni di diverse parti del mondo (Venice, 1590) by Ann Rosalind Jones and Margaret F Rosenthal.

Forthcoming in Cesare Vecellio's "Clothing, Ancient and Modern, of Various Parts of the World", translated by Ann Rosalind Jones and Margaret F. Rosenthal, forthcoming from Thames and Hudson, London, in Autumn 2008. Copyright Ann Rosalind Jones and Margaret F. Rosenthal.

A big Thank You to Ms Jones, Ms Rosenthal and Thames and Hudson for allowing me this sneak peak at the forthcoming publication (which I am looking forward to eagerly!), and for generously allowing me to share it with the public.

Reproduction prohibited without permission of the authors and the publisher.

Spose non sposate

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Spose sposate / Spose nobili moderne

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Spose in Sensa

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1. Brides Before Their Weddings In Our Time 2. and 3. Brides At Their Wedding and Brides Outside The House After They Are Married (Modern Brides Of The Nobility) 4. Brides At Ascension Time, or The Sensa, In Venice

Moderne Venetiane

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Nobile Ornata

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Donne La Vernata

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5. Winter Dress Of Venetian Noblewomen And Other Wealthy Women In Our Time

6. Noblewomen At Public Festivals 7. Women During The Winter, Especially Courtesans 8. Widows
Meretrici Publiche

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Usati in Venetia 1550

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9. Prostitutes in Public Places 10. Courtesans Outdoors 11 and 12. Dress Worn by the Women of Venice in 1550

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