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The Music and Sounds of Venice



If you like to listen to music whilst browsing the internet here are some sound files for your enjoyment. I have recently added to the collection of midi files of women composers of early music with a couple of mp3s of ambient sounds from Venice, so do check them out - they are wonderful!


Women composers of early music

Ambient sounds of Venice today











Early Music Women Composers

You can find these and other early music women composers, and
links to other midi files at
Early Women Composers Chronology

Maddelena Casulana (1540-1590)

Stavasi il mio bel Sol (Richard Lee)
Morir non puo il mio cuore (Richard Lee)

Caterina Assandra (1570-1610)

Ave Verum corpus (H. Helstab)
Ego flos Campi (H. Helstab)


Barbara Strozzi (1619-1664) 4 Madrigals:

Sonetto Proemio dell'opera (H. Helstab)
Al Battitor di bronzo della sua crudelis (H. Helstab)
Canto di bella bocca (H. Helstab)
Dialogo in Partenza (H. Helstab)






Ambient sounds from Venice today

With thanks to Norman Hajjar of VENICEBLOG who graciously allowed me to present the fruits of his labours to you here in the form of the following mp3s recorded in Venice.

Morning in the Piazza (8:33 mins)
This soundscape is of Piazza San Marco just as the sun rises, a little before 6 AM. The square is almost empty. The microphone is placed in the dead center, facing the Basilica. Two spazzolini (street sweepers) methodically broom the paving stones......The recording ends with the beautiful morning bells from the Campanile, as they have sung for centuries."

Guidecca Spring Storm (8:06 mins)
"This next recording is of a rainstorm one warm May evening around midnight, as heard from under the Ponte Lungo on the quayside of the Canale Della Giudecca, on the island of La Giudecca."




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