The Venetian Man in the Palma Vecchio and Titian Era : 1510 - 1539


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MORETTOJustinaUnicorn1530.jpg (126620 bytes) Venetian province of Brescia, The Republic of Venice

Moretto da Brescia, 1530: St Justina with the Unicorn (Detail of Donor) 

Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

LOTTOGentleman1530.jpg (108748 bytes) Venetian province of Bergamo, The Republic of Venice

Lorenzo Lotto, 1530: Portrait of a Man 

Rome, Galleria Borghese

LicinioYoungManLetter1530.jpg (38103 bytes) Venice, The Republic of Venice

Bernardino Licinio, c1530: A young Man Holding a Letter

Location Unknown 

FLORIGERIO-PORaffaeleGrassi.jpg (85056 bytes) Venetian province of the Friuli, The Republic of Venice

Sebastiano Florigerio, 1530s: Portrait of  Raffaele Grassi

Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

ROMANINOSelfPort1535-40.jpg (85029 bytes) Venetian Province of Brescia, The Republic of Venice

Girolamo Romani (Romanino), 1535-40: Self-Portrait

Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts

Venice, The Republic of Venice

Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), c1537: Portrait of Giorgio Cornaro and Falcon

Omaha, Nebraska USA, Joslyn Art Museum 

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