Extant Italian Shifts (Camicie)

Location Unknown

16th Century Italian

This example is from another downloadable book - Mrs John Hungerford Pollen's Seven Centuries of Lace, William Heinemann 1908. It is a 16th century Italian camicia, but unfortunately Pollen is unforthcoming about its location. She does, however, tell us a bit about the construction method, as well as about the lace:

"[Here].. we have a very interesting specimen of needle-point as applied to personal use - a lady's camisia, or shirt, of the sixteenth century. The linen has a square hole cut for the head, and this opening is beautifully worked in punto in aria. The sleeves are ornamented with oblique bands of cut-work, and the seams everywhere worked with drawn stitches and insertions of punto avorio. The handwoven linen is in good condition, although the garment must have been much worn, as the cuffs have been replaced by bobbin-made frills, trine a fuselli. It is doubtful whether three hundred years hence any linen garment worn at the present time will survive."


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