Extant Italian Men's/Boy's Shirts (Camicie)

People's Museum of Zadar, the former Yugoslavia

Late 16th Century

Conserved and Reconstructed shirt from Zadar shipwreck from: 

Textile conservation and research : a documentation of the Textile Department on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Abegg Foundation / 
Mechthild Flury-Lemberg

(With thanks to Katherine Barich for the photo and information)

"A man's plain high-necked shirt, probably Italian, survived in the wreckage of a ship which went down on the Yugoslavian coast not long after 1582...As in many European garments there is no shoulder seam. The neck has been formed by a single T-shaped cut with the extra width gathered in at front and back of a straight stand-up collar. The sleeves are each a half-width cut in a slope from elbow to wrist, and these pieces are added to widen the top of the sleeves. Side vents are left at the bottom for better movement."

The possible cutting layout for this shirt is also given, and according to the diagram the original width of the "plain white linen" is given as 68cm (27"). The length of the shirt section is not given, but I would approximate it to be about 2 metres (6.5' or 79"). The collar is made from a rectangular piece of linen folded in half across the width. No neck gussets are present.

Dorothy K Burnham, Cut My Cote. Royal Ontario Museum, 1997.


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