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Alaina Blackram

SCA Participant
A Florentine Gown in the style of Bronzino, 1540s

Alaina Says...

My name is Alaina Blackram, a name chosen to represent myself in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a society we have been in for almost 10 years.  I am a pharmacist and MBA in Michigan.  Though as you can see, my profession is not where my passions lay.  I am married to a wonderful man who entices me to continue on my quest for recreating fabulous period garments. He encourages our trips overseas and loves studying the history behind places and things.  As I love recreating things seen in the past, especially in paintings, it is not difficult to continue my quest. My parents instilled in me a love of history and travel early in life.  My family has also inspired my love of handwork and cooking.  My grandmother and mother taught me to sew, cook, tat, crochet, embroider, knit, etc etc etc.  

Why did I choose the SCA as my historical creative outlet?  Primarily because it is based on education. It also allows both of us to expand our hobbies and meet people who share similar ideas and I love the renaissance time period.

Creating this dress was a gift to myself for finishing MBA school.  The hubby got a new leather fencing outfit.  I chose the Bronzino portrait of a lady with a puppy because the style is flattering to me, and because it was a new direction than what I had done before.  It is based loosely off of the Eleanor of Toledo pattern found in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion and created with red silk velvet.  

I love inspiring people to create things and reach higher than they have done before, or in a new direction than from what they have gone before.

Portrait of Lucrezia by Bronzino I found on the web and decided that I wanted to do.

Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo

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Bella Says.....

I have admired Alaina's abilities with a needle ever since I first met her on the SCA-Garb mailing list, and am proud to count her amongst my virtual friends. She is not only a very positive and friendly person and talented costumer with an eye for detail, but also one who is most generous in many ways, including with her time and knowledge. This gorgeous gown is a very fine example of the historical costumers' art, and a truly divine Italian gown.

You can see this and other fine creations by Alaina on her website, and she can be contacted at this E-mail address.

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