Ekaterina Mikhaylova-Smolnyakova

Saint Petersburg, Russia

A Venetian Outfit in the Style
 of  the 1560s

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Ekaterina Says....


I am a historical dancer and a teacher in historical dance since 2002. My main interest is the Renaissance, especially in England and in Italy. So I need to have costumes for the presentations and shows by my group, and I need to know how to do them to help other people in the group. So I have been making costumes since 2002.  My first "serious" costume was this one.  Now I think it was terrible. :)

As I said, I need costumes for historical dancing, for performances and other activities. I love to do "full" costumes with all those things like lace, and hooks, and all parts of costume. Usually I need about half an hour to prepare myself for dancing (and usually I can't do it only myself), but sometimes we have we have very little time to dress! So, I needed to have the "right" costume in which I can dress  a) by myself, b) quickly. And I choose a Venetian. :) (Inspiration Image)


Another reason was the fabric. I like this fabric very much. I wanted to use it and I have the feeling that it is good for Venetian costume.


It was my second dress in this style. The first one was absolutely the same, but from blue fabric, and I made a mistake in size, so I sold it to an other girl and started from the beginning. And I decided to make a "topcoat" because my group were invited to perform in a very pleasant place in Ukraine in October. I thought that it would be cold and I needed something else,  not just the dress.

The first time I decided to make the stripes from other fabric of another type (I like to use contrast of "dim" and "shining" fabrics, like silk and velvet for example), and make the skirt this way. But after I have seen that it is not exactly what I want, so I added a gold lace and hid half of it under the strip.


White lace on sleeves. I've made it myself from white cotton yarn and beads.


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