The Italian Showcase of the Year Awards
The Gold, Silver and Copper Rose Awards


" beauty... the gown is just beautiful. Plus, although she has a picture of one of dangerous beauty characters, she chose a period design and look instead of the famous fantasy courtesan of the movie."

"That dress is beautiful and what a great deal of problem solving went into its design."

"Attention to detail and excellent fit.  The first is not uncommon but the patterning skills are unique.  The showcase has many beautiful gowns but most of them still have fitting problems.  Not Seresina!"

Voters' comments:

"Magnificent attention to detail in every aspect."

"All over gorgeous gown, looks regal yet sensuous at the same time.  All of her personal touches just added to the lushness of it; I'm in love with it!"

"She looks as if she stepped out of a portrait"

"Excellent in all categories:  Complexity of pattern and design, fabric choice, research, creativity, construction, and overall affect!  An extreme example of excellence in a line up of fabulous costumes."

"Just love the placement of the pattern on the bodice!"

"Not only is the gown exceptionally beautiful, but she has documented it most thoroughly and interestingly."

"That boning/bodice is so beautiful!"

"Amazing gown...sumptuous fabric, incredible attention to details. I love seeing how she solved fitting problems, esp with the corset. Vivat Seresina!"

"Although the material is a huge draw to me, I find that her additional work of embroidering the lining and her use of exquisite accessories really make the outfit, but then again, my motto is, 'accessorize everything' ".

"Lots of information on construction and the "WOW" factor!"

"Seresina's choice of fabric and trim caught my eye.
But what really pushed this dress over the top for me
was embroidering a quote on the inside of the bodice. What a fabulous idea! (Wish I'd thought of it first!)
What attention to detail! Indeed worthy of First


"Combined the best features of construction and design.  Her dress looks the most like her inspiration."

"I was tempted to pick Seresina just because her fabric
is so drool-worthy, but Danielle's dress is so well made, well fitted, and looks the most complete. Her dress is not a costume, it is clothes. Lovely work!"

Voters' comments:

"The detailed explanations of all aspects of gown construction are impressive.  Add to that the complete look as if she could be one of Bronzino's models. Absolutely beautiful!!!!"

"Those sleeves!!!  It really looks like she stepped out of a painting.."

"Danielle not only does superior research and documentation, she gives superior descriptions of how her work is accomplished.  Her photos and accompanying text are exactly what I need to help me in my garb-making projects.  I am so glad she is willing to share with us."

"It was a hard call between Danielle and Alaina, but I decided to go with the former because she is so helpful in showing people how she did it - so that
they also can do it.
The gown (both, actually) looks the most like it is something straight from a portrait without being an exact copy of one.  The fit is absolutely lovely!  And there's no "well, this isn't period but I did it anyways just
cause" sort of things, which I feel detract from the right feeling."

"Using the knowledge from her education to build

"She did an outstanding job."



Voters' comments:

"While all of the gowns are very lovely, Alaina's gown appears to fit most appropriately her form for the period.  Her choice is simple and elegant and she appears to be a lady at ease in her clothing.  No one else fits as well as Alaina's and perhaps it might be the comfort in front of a camera, but some ladies appear to be quite uncomfortable in their gowns and not showing them off to their best advantage."

"Closest to looking like a period portrait, great explanation and
excellent match on accessories and hair."

"I just like the style of the dress"




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