The Rose Awards 2006

Greetings Realm of Venus readers,

 It is my honour and pleasure to announce the recipients of the Rose Awards for 2006. Unlike previous years, this year saw the first time you the voter had to choose from 24 wonderfully talented costumers - a very difficult task indeed! So, as you no doubt noticed, the field was divided into two categories - 'Pre-1550' and 'Post-1550'. In future years I also intend to break it down further, with a category for film/theatre-inspired costumes, as distinct from the purely historical - provided of course I receive enough of the film/theatre-inspired entries. But you don't want to read about that now do you? Ok...on to the results....this year in reverse order, so no scrolling to the bottom of the page first, ok? :-)

I would once again like to thank each and every one of you who voted in the Rose Awards - you have helped to encourage and congratulate those who make an outstanding contribution to late Italian Renaissance costuming, and in doing so inspire us all. A big thank you also to all of you who included kind words and compliments for myself and this website in your e-mails - it is my pleasure!

And to the winners I would like to say congratulations, and many thanks for sharing your work with us. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations with you in the future. 

Mille grazie!



The Pre-1550 Category

In third place, the Copper Rose goes to...

Congratulations Christy!

Simple, Elegant, and Cost Effective. Loved it.

Beautiful color scheme and good feel for the style.

The colors of Christy’s dress were what struck me first, but then I was impressed by the details of her accessories, combined with the good fit of the dress itself.

It was hard to decide between Kristina and Christy. I had to nitpick to decide. 

Beautiful fit, and a most impressive end product when working on such a budget.

This portrait is one of my favorites and Christy did a great job with the dress. I love the bodice neckline and the sash detail.

Christy has done well within her budget, a little more experience will help with sewing accuracy, although a fine job overall.

Bodice a little long, but nice 'trinzale'.

In second place, the Silver Rose goes to...

Congratulations Kristiina!

Excellent fit; great use of available materials to make a good period impression.

This gown has totally has me wanting to make one of my own, It’s so romantic! I especially love the red gamurra and red sleeves together!! The versatility and the colour contrast make this dress fabulous! 

She used fantastic colours, and the versatility of using the gown in different ways is a plus. I can imagine maid Marion and Robin Hood when I see her in this gown. The style seems authentic for the time period, and the sewing was superior.

The detail, the documentation, the fit, the “capturing the look” all make this a winner!

The detail work on this one, and the fact that the underdress is reversible. WOW!

I love the versatility of Kristiina’s gown for her friend. It fit perfectly and had a wonderful variety of options.

I’m not a fan on two-part Italian sleeves because they generally aren’t done well. Kriistina did an amazing job and I love the sleeves on this dress. The gironea is great, too.

I loved the color choice for Kristiina’s work, it had the same feel as the old masters and suited the model perfectly. It is delightful in it’s simplicity and practical in versatility.

Such a beautiful and versatile dress, and the fit is perfect.

she looks perfect – and I really like the color combo!

Lovely lines and amazing functionality!

So nicely done and perfectly fitted

Making the dress reversible and fitting it so well make this dress stand out. Kristiina has made a very elegant ensemble.

Great versatility, lovely fabric choice, nice drape and line.

I think the gamurra bodice is a little too long for the period, but the effect with the giornea is wonderful!


And in first place, the Gold Rose goes to...

Congratulations Kerri!

This is my overall favourite of the year! It's elegant, has a beautiful cut and drape and is just altogether out of a painting.  

Strongest authenticity and best fit of all of the contenders in the category; a true masterpiece!

I felt the style and colours chosen were authentic to the time, and the workmanship was first rate. You can tell that she definitely is an experienced seamstress.

See the comment above! (Note: this was regarding the comment "The detail, the documentation, the fit, the “capturing the look” all make this a winner!")

I like the crisp way this has no bulk or impracticality to it.

I loved the fact that she picked something a bit different. But it boils down to the work is exquisite and it is perfectly fit to her body. Bravo!


I like this dress best of all showcases this year. The fit I perfect. The colours subdued, but sometimes less is more and that is so true in this case. I also like the way she has made this dress look authentic. It doesn’t look like she is in a costume, these are real clothes made to be worn.

She looks like she just stepped out a fresco! Beautiful!

Donna Cateruchia’s Florentine gown was a study in simple elegance. The lines were just so clean and unbelievably “fresco perfect”.

Beautiful silhouette and I love a frock you can dance in!

Simple, elegant and beautiful.

Love the color combo, as well as the less seen style.

Elegant simplicity, nicely fitted, wonderful fabric choice, especially color.

Got exactly the right look. Magnificent.


The Post-1550 Category

In third place, the Copper Rose goes to...

Congratulations Jennifer!

 The fit is flawless and the!

Beautiful dress, well made.

Her construction is work is beautiful. The fit perfect and I love how much she added those extra touches and accessories. 

Jennifer’s overall presentation was best and the attention to detail good, especially the hair and bodice front.

A stunner!! Perfect fit and gorgeous fabric. My top pick overall.

Lucky find on the fabric made for a lovely dress. The hair and make-up were great finishing touches. Very minimal trim and decoration really set off the fabric choice.

Oh, man. She’s just perfect. Love the fabric!

Wow. WHERE did she find this gorgeous brocade. Fit and final look is so perfect.

Beautiful gown, I’d like to see period hairstyle.

In second place, the Silver Rose goes to...

Congratulations Susan!

Choosing between these gorgeous, luscious, beautifully constructed Venetian gowns is almost impossible! However, the sleeves and the partlet (and the petticoats) make this one my favourite by an inch.

Susan did a lovely job on her gown, but the cut velvet sleeves are what stood out for me. 

The sleeves on this dress are exquisite! I admire the patience that went into the construction.

Clean lines, wonderful fit and I just love those arms. Simple (at first glance), but very, very effective.

Susan’s cut work is impressive and demonstrates that fine sewing of a simple fabric can achieve wonders. 

I love that she chose to do a beautiful fabric embellishment on a simple  fabric. The end result is very elegant.

Insanity is cut velvet sleeves. Richness without gaudiness.

I like the contrast between the simplicity of line and intricacy of the sleeves.

A practice gown! 2yrs of interest in historical costume making. OMG! 

Simply Beautiful!

With all the similar styles of gowns this year, it is the remarkable cutwork sleeves and the unusual choice of black velvet that make Susan the stand-out winner for me.

Good use of black, love the cutwork sleeves.

Beautiful and clean, the lacing was just a little off.

Wonderful diary, documentation, and such.

And finally, in first place, the Gold  Rose goes to...

Congratulations Kendra!

The late period was HARD to decide and had to go into nitpick mode. Kendra’s outfit is wonderfully made. She looks like she stepped out of the 1560s.

Beautiful use of beading and an interesting variation on an often-made style. Again, the fit is excellent.

The reason I voted for Kendra, besides the fabulous dress, is the fine attention to detail—the corset coordinates with the thread around the neckline of the camicia, and they both coordinate with the gown! These are details that aren’t even seen if Kendra is wearing her partlet!! Amazing work!

Kendra’s dress is gorgeous, and I love the fabric. The website documentation is great.

I love silk!!! And your lacing is really straight.

Detail work stunning, fabric stunning, fit perfect!

Kendra’s gown was both beautiful and fit her perfectly. The tailoring was very good.

I had the pleasure of seeing this dress in person (at Costume College in 2006). Kendra wears it very well and the silhouette is perfect.

I actually like the back of this dress the most. Especially the way the pattern of the brocade accentuates the cut of the dress.

Kendra also had good presentation and fit.

A beautiful, inspirational dress. It's even better in person!

The back of the frock is just divine! Excellent use of minimal fabric, the frock really didn’t suffer for it.

This is stunning fabric and a gorgeous gown.

This one fits the part to a “T”.


The Consolation Awards





The Encouragement Award:

Congratulations Mary, Julie, and Lisa!



That's it for another year! 


Grazie mille!






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