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The 'Guild of San Lorenzo': the Florentine court at the 2013 Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California.

Cast from left to right, no particular order:

Red dress: Jeordy Raines- Signorina Olivia Capponi
Silver suit: Henry Citarella Jr- Arcangelo de Baretta
Black dress (top) Deena Tovar
Black wool Farsetto: Ron Gess- Capitano Luigi Gacci
Blue Suit: Richard Rasner- Capitano Troilo Orsini
Yellow suit standing: Bluesmon Del Vecchio- Cavellere Marcello Del Vecchio
Orange dress: Zanet Kelly (Assistant director) -Baronessa Giulia D'Amadori
Black Doublet/ Blue sleeves: Robert Andruszko (assistant director)- Barone Bernardino d'Antinori
Gold doublet center: Drew Murphy (Director)- Pietro de Medici, principe de la casa de Medici
Pink dress: Tamara Wilborn (Costume director)- Signorina Serafina Vespucci
Brown dress: Sam Stoliker (theatrical director)- Baronessa Lucrezia "Luca" Bendido
Black velvet Farsetto: Michael Twitchell- Philippe Lucce
Black doublet, red sleeves: Nick Gregory- Lothario de Babonia
Grey Dress: Rachel Stoliker Signorina- Pantalomea Costa
Black doublet, silver sleeves: Jeffrey Gray- Dottore Giovanni Salvatore de Malatesti
Green dress: Bethlynn Aldredge- Laura Battiferri Ammannati
Yellow brocade, brown sleeves: Tom Metcalf- Barone Guisseppe Lorenzo de Coronzano

Renaissance Pleasure Fair of Southern California, April 14, 2013. Photo copyright: Joanne Wilborn.

Minnesota, USA

Courtesan Invasion of Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Back row (standing): Stephanie Michaelis, Chelsey Barnes, Lynn Strand-Meyer, Peggy Lushine, Tanya Horner, Carol Strand-Meyer, Cheryl Van Allen.
Back row (sitting): Laura Ulak, Erin Schneider, Cynthia Edwards
2nd row back from front: Heather Connors-Hoogheem, Cristy Ward, Theresa Zottola Drift, Laura Vetter, Ellen Schuldt
Front row: Renee Larson, Kim Nutzmann, Ashley Walton, Georgiana Phillip

Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Sept. 11, 2010. Photo by

Stuttgart, Germany

Sabine Keck and Frank Meyer, members of 'Trabucchetto - Ensemble für Historischen Tanz Stuttgart'

"La Bottega Culturale" Renaissancetänze an italienischen Fürstenhöfen

April 25, 2002

California, USA

Commedia Volante

Girl in the blue (Isabella) - Mika Carlson; Columbina - Beth Mulinix; Girl in Green-(Rosetta) - Jocelyn Hall; Boy in Burgundy - (Flavio) Garrett Engberg; Boy in Blue - (Leilio) Justen Ochart; Arlecchino - Brian Adams

Northern California Renaissance Faire, September 21 2008

Photo by Gar Travis
Perth, Western Australia

Hadrian de Lestrille and Lady Ydeneye de Bailliencourt

Bal de Aneala
Barony of Aneala, Lochac
 (Perth, Western Australia)
October, 2008

Adelaide, South Australia

Viscountess Ingerith Ryzka and Viscount Aylwin Greymane

Innilgard Baronial Devestiture/Investure '08, Innilgard, Lochac
 (Adelaide, South Australia)
April 25-27, 2008
 California, USA

Genevieve de Vendome and Elena Edgar

La Prova Dura
Shire of Canale in Kingdom of the West
(Tres Pinos, CA, USA)
April 19, 2008
Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Judit and the renaissance dance group of the Knightly Order of Bela III.  
Michigan, USA

Lady Amanita Villarosa; Baroness Alaina Blackram; Lady Collette du Valois; Lady Eva Van Oldenbroek; Fiore Rossini

St Valentine's Day in the Canton of Three Hills, Barony of Andelcrag
 Kalamazoo, Michigan USA
Feb 9, 2008

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